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Melanthios A Greek Tradition!
Roast Leg of Lamb and Rotisserie Pork Served Every Saturday and Sunday for Dinner only.

Only after 5pm
(limited amount each night)
*Roast Leg Of Lamb      19

Roast Leg of Lamb Infused w/Garlic served with a side of your choice

*Rotisserie Pork      18.5

Rotisserie Pork Slow Cooked over Mesquite Hardwood Charcoal served with a side of your choice


Flame Broiled Steaks and Chops

Our Prime Beef and Australian Lamb Chops are prepared on our Custom Grill over Open Flame. We only use %100 Natural Mesquite, Hardwood Charcoal. All Served with Organic Colored Peppers, one side of your choice.

Lamb Scharas      27

Our signature, 2 double bone French cut Lamb Chops

Paidakia      52

Full rack of Lamb, over one and a half pounds

Served with two soups and two sides of your choice

16oz Bone-in Rib Eye      33

This prime cut of beef is marbled to perfection

14oz Pork Chop      19.5

Keep it thick and juicy or butterfly it

12oz Skirt Steak      24

This cut of beef is known for its exceptional flavor

Indicates a meatless dish
Indicates a meatless dish